To make the most of your QuickView powered product Catalog, we recommend following these rules for creating the best images for delivery to our channels:

Media TypeRequirements 
IconSquare format image 300 dpi/ppi, 512 x 512px
In situ (media for slider)Best suits a rectangle 300dpi/ppi, max 2000px wide and 900px high – this is your opportunity to show the product in use
Product Images

To show variations in the tile faces, please prepare multiple faces for each tile. We recommend uploading between 5 and 10 product images. 


We suggest using the following these guidelines for all images:

Image format: JPEG / PNG

Resolution: 300-326 ppi

Colour Mode: RGB Color, 8 bit (sRGB IEC61966-2.1)

Imagery: Use a flat product image, no glare, no reflections. A manufacturer's print file, pre product is ideal. 


Tile / Paver images

Depending on the physical shape of the product at least 1 side should have a minimum of 1024px and a maximum of 2048px – this will ensure that the image quality can remain high while your storage of files on our system can remain cost effective to store. 


ShapeSizes (mm)Dimensions (px)Estimated file size

600 x 600, 450 x 450, 200 x 200, etc

1024 x 1024

550 kb - 1.8mb
Rectangle600x1200, 300x600, 400x800 etcThe longest side should be at least 1024px250kb - 1.8mb


All tile / paver images must be clipped to the exact shape of the tile.


Examples of what not to do:

Uploading an image that does not contain one single tile will result in your tiles appearing broken.



Images with gloss applied will not look correct