Inviting a staff member into QuickView Cloud is easy. To get started, you'll need to be signed in to QuickView Cloud with Admin or Owner privileges. 


Once you're signed in, navigate to Settings -> Team Settings (if you don't see this, you likely do not have Admin or owner privileges), then click Invite new user. You'll be requested to enter some basic information about the new user. 


The following permissions are available for new users:

OwnerThis role is exclusive to the individual who created this company, this person is responsible for all billing and is the legal owner of the company. To change this, please contact Support.
AdministratorAdministrators have full control over the company, except for billing.
EditorEditors can't manage company information, but can add and modify products.
Read-onlyRead only users can see product information, but can't edit it.
ExternalExternal users don't have access to your company information, but your products will become available to them for cloning in their product library. 
API UserThis is not assignable within QuickView cloud, please contact QuickView support. API users can use the QuickView API and tools to manage products & inventory.


The onboarding path can be left as default, unless you specifically want to change this.

Once you click Invite, we'll see if we can match the information entered with a user already in our system. If we find a match, we'll add your company to their existing login and they'll receive and email explaining how to log in again. If we can't find a match, we'll create a new user account and send them a temporary username and password.